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About Bella Kaye Designs

My Great Aunt Bella

Mom in 1938 w/ Italian

Mosaic locket on Cord

Mom's Locket Reborn with Aunt T's

Jet Beads, Molly's Antique Buttons

& my Japanese Coins!

MyAunt Molly,

The Fashionista!

Aunt Tillie on Her Wedding Day

My Aunt Anne Loved

Gold Jewelry

Mom & Me

Bella Kaye Designs was developed by Art historian and retired museum director Bonnie Kelm, who was inspired by a lifetime of studying jewelry design. Truth be told, she was mostly influenced by her three unlikely muses: her jewelry crazy aunts, Molly, Anne and Tillie, as well as her adornment obsessed mother Nina, who taught her a great deal about antique jewelry, collected unique pieces and were well connected to the New York jewelry district. They each left her most of their jewelry estates and something even better, a great eye for for seeing things that other people miss. Kelm took the name Bella in honor of her great Aunt Bella who she was named for and was a great source for her creative imagination when she was a child. Bella Kaye works mainly in costume jewelry, although occasionally on commission will work in precious metals and stones.




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